About Tata Pipes

Tata Pipes has played an important role in this transformation in India. We were the first manufacturers of plumbing pipes in India leading to the modernization of the country. The increasing population, scarcity of land and resources and people moving from individual houses to multistory buildings has made Tata Pipes even more important in our lives as they are the true carriers of life.

Tata Pipes for the conveyance applications are mainly used for carrying liquids and low pressure gases.

Plumbing, Irrigation, Cold storage, HVAC, Firefighting and Idlers come under this application.

As we move towards a generation that needs a sustainable growth, it becomes our responsibility to think green and follow environment friendly practices. Tata Pipes with its offering in the plumbing segment gets you pipes which have been made with the least CO2 emission. Tata Pipes being 100% recyclable and made from natural elements, do not harm the environment. Tata Pipes are environment friendly and have been reinforced with goodness of zinc for health.

For Irrigation segment, Tata Pipes “Amrit Dhara” are the finest Borewell pipes in the country. High weight to length ratio ensures easy penetration in the ground; these high quality galvanized pipes are corrosion resistant powered by 360 GSM zinc coating and have an impeccable straightness of 1/600, attained from the special in house straitening machine in the Tata Steel Plant. Tata Pipes Amrit Dhara come with exact 14 threads and BIS approved sockets which grip perfectly with the pipes.

HVAC or Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Setups are must have units today. Best performing and low maintenance HVAC units have stringent quality requirements regarding steel pipes used in their construction. Even with corrosive elements all around and tough working conditions, 25 mm to 500 mm nominal bore Tata Pipes, conforming to IS 1239 and IS 3589, have been able to deliver performance beyond excellence in small, medium and large sized HVAC systems.


Tata Steel prides itself on its steel tubes, intrinsic to the functioning of industries and processes across the nation. Apart from being robust, steel tubes from Tata Steel are easy to install and are fire proof. Not only do they have a high-flow capacity, they also ensure minimal leakage making them the most preferred tubes in the country.

The brand equity and market value associated with our steel tubes comes from the unquestioned faith on the quality of tubes coming from Tata Steel. Quality, therefore, becomes the focal point of all manufacturing operations carried out with respect to Tata Pipes. Complying with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007, Tata steel Tubes SBU lays a great emphasis on the quality and all the tubes manufactured undergo various destructive and non-destructive quality assurance tests, to ensure product excellence.

Tata Steel Tubes SBU has been instrumental in building the vast edifice of the nation, spanning all regions and industries. We look forward to a glorious new age of unprecedented growth, block by block.