Cold Storages

Application Details

Cold storages contribute greatly in ensuring enhanced food security by expanding the time frame in which the food products can be used. The principle behind the cold storage is a Vapour Compression system where ammonia acts as a refrigerant element. A complex inter networking of steel pipes ensures relatively uniform functioning across the Cold Storage unit ensuring a fully regulated environment for the effective storage of the material. The inherent attributes of Tata Pipes ensures that it remains the preferred choice of Pipes in India. 3 major applications in Cold storage are:

Discharge Pipes

With an inherent capacity to withstand a wide span of working pressure, our steel pipes are idealy suited for transmitting super heated ammonia vapour from compressor to condenser pipes ensuring minimal pressure drop during transmission.

Condenser Pipes

Have to bear temperature as well as pressure gradients. They are used to cool & liquefy the heated high pressure ammonia vapour generated by the compressor. These pipes are also exposed to water spray.

Evaporator pipes

Are a complex interconnection of pipes which are used in expansion valves at the inlet and suction valve to serve as heat exchangers.



Summer heat can be relentless in India. With soaring summer temperatures there is an acute need for cold storage systems to work under heavy loads. Stringent and tough working conditions pose no challenge to 15 mm to 200 mm nominal bore Black Heavy Plain Ended Tata Pipes, conforming to IS 1239 and IS 3589. Manufactured with the highest standards of quality and process control, Tata Pipes has been a preferred choice for this industry for many decades.

Extensive testing under full capacity workloads have proved time and again why our steel tubes are the best carriers of ammonia, used extensively in cold storage systems. Low maintenance requirements for our pipes ensure that the cold storage units across India rely on Tata Pipes, be it for expansion or for setting up of new units.