Application Details

Durable and long lasting Tata Pipes provide continuous and effective thrust required for effective functioning of all Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems that regulate room temperature, humidity, and air flow, ensuring that such elements remain within their acceptable range.

The HVAC sector has 2 major application areas. One is commercial cooling as found in large public spaces in malls, hotels, IT parks, airports etc, and the other is contained environment in high precision manufacturing industries including pharmaceutical industries.

They also play an important role in other critical areas such as Fan Coil units and Chillers, including branch lines, main lines and header lines from chiller to AHU.



The ability to withstand variation due to fluctuation is a true test of inner quality. Tata Pipes has been designed to withstand the dynamic nature of the environmental elements like air, water and others encountered by the pipe. The Non Destructive Test (NDT) and destructive tests ensures that these pipes are able to stand the pressure and temperatures of the HVAC systems and provide superior bendability and superior weld quality. This is the reason why Tata Pipes used for these applications provide more than just "value for money". What is achieved is "peace of mind".