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Industries and Infrastructure are the back bone of an economy. It is impossible to visualize industrial growth and prosperity without quality. Low maintenance bulk material handling systems in places like coal handling plants, iron ore mines and other industries use Tata Pipes as Idlers. Superior quality Tata Pipes are extensively used as idlers for belt conveyors owing to their robust material properties. Tata Pipes has been quick to produce industry ready steel tubes for Idlers that are available in customized lengths ranging from 6m to 11m. Flexibility of construction operations is ensured by the availability of Tata Pipes Idler Tubes in customized size, grade, length, surface finish and end finish, delivered as per agreed supply conditions.



Tata Steel Tubes SBU has pioneered several improvements in existing production parameters of steel tubes being used in various projects all over the country. Their state of the art steel tubes have been well and truly customized for smooth functioning of idler operations with material properties being enhanced due to reduction of Sulphur and Phosphorus content to less that .05% and by highly improving straightness value.

Industry requirement of quality products is the first issue that directs production plans of Tata Steel and we produce the best quality 63 mm to 219 mm nominal bore Tata Pipes conforming to IS 9295. Good and consistent process control gives us the most important aspect – perfect ovality in the ider tubes.

For 168 mm NB or less, an ovality of less than .5 mm and for 169 mm NB or more an ovality of 1mm is achieved. Several projects have benefitted from customized and well finished pipes that are readily available for idler applications of different sizes and are weldable with standard M.S. Electrodes without any pre-heating resulting in speedy completion of projects.

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