The Indian real estate sector is booming and is presently valued to be a $200-billion market. With the Government encouraging investment in property through Schemes such as the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), Indian real estate is expected to grow further and touch the $1 trillion mark in the coming years. Amidst this rapidly evolving real estate landscape, what is also parallely gaining strength in the realty sector is modern building techniques, safety features and infrastructural advancements.

From standalone apartments to large-scale residential and commercial real estate projects, most of the new properties constructed today are well-planned projects built using latest techniques and featuring modern infrastructure. The most essential component of this modern infrastructure is its safety features and a Firefighting Hydrant System is the highlight.

Protecting life and the property itself, for any construction above three floors, residential or commercial and manufacturing units, a fully functioning Firefighting infrastructure has now been made mandatory by the Government. Several Indian state governments have also introduced well-defined guidelines for builders on the use of GI pipes in Firefighting applications to ensure higher safety standards.

Tata Pipes is among the leading Firefighting pipe manufacturers in India, offering superior quality, high strength MS and GI pipes in sizes ranging between 25mm – 300 mm NB that ensure highly efficient and reliable Firefighting. Over the years, Tata Pipes have been used in various prestigious projects across India, bearing testimony to the Tata Steel approach of quality excellence and focus on safety.

Internal Hydrants

External Hydrants

Suction and Delivery Pipe Sizes

Suction and Delivery Pipes should be of an adequate size to meet the functional requirements of the pump, and should not be less than the following -

Suction Delivery
a) 450 l/min terrace pump 50 mm 50 mm
b) 900 l/min terrace pump 70 mm 50 mm
c) 1,400 l/min terrace pump 100 mm 100 mm
d) 2,280 l/min fire pump 150 mm 150 mm
e) 2,850 l/min fire pump 200 mm 150 mm
f) 4,540 l/min fire pump 250 mm 200 mm

Riser and Pumps

  • The rising mains/down-corner mains should be of galvanised iron pipes conforming to medium class of IS: 1239
  • The pump should have an alternate power supply in case of emergency
  • The main fire pump at the underground water tank with the capacity to discharge 900 litres per minutes at 3 bar pressure as measured at the terrace level, should be installed
  • Good quality pumps should be used for better fire-fighting efficiency

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Tata Pipes is one of the leading manufacturers of Firefighting pipes in India. Tata Pipes for firefighting applications are available in sizes normally ranging from 25 mm to 300 mm Nominal Bore (NB) “C” Class MS (Tata) Pipes with plain end or socketed conforming to IS: 1239 & IS: 3589 specifications.