HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning - three closely related fundamental functions for both commercial and residential applications.

HVAC systems stabilize air flow, room temperature and humidity and ensure that these elements stay within acceptable limits to maintain a controlled indoor environment.

In the past few years, India’s rapidly growing economy has seen a steep rise in large-scale real estate development especially in the commercial property segment where such HVAC Systems are used widely. Increasing number of malls, resorts, hi-tech hospitals, large format offices and Data Centers across the nation have resulted in an increased demand for HVAC Systems.

Trusted for over 50 years as one of the leading HVAC heat pipe manufacturers in the country, Tata Pipes offers durable and long lasting HVAC heat pipes that are used in HVAC Systems. These HVAC heat pipes provide continuous and right amount of thrust required for effective functioning of HVAC systems and ensure the room temperature, humidity, and air flow, continue to remain within their acceptable ranges.

Tata Pipes also offers MS Pipes that are used in other prominent areas such as Fan Coil units and Chillers, including branch lines, main lines and header lines from chiller to Air Handling Unit (AHU).

HVAC sector has 2 major application areas -

  • Superior Quality

  • Longer Life

  • Green-Pro Certified

  • Trust of Tata

01.Superior Bendability and Weldability

Non-Destructive Testing

02.Environment Friendly

03.The Trusted Tata Name

04.Quality Assurance

05.Superior Steel


Tata Pipes has emerged as the no. 1 MS Pipes manufacturer for HVAC systems. Class of MS Pipes to be used in Air Conditioning and Chiller Systems depends on environmental conditions such as proximity to sea, corrosiveness, cooling flow, cooling zone and operating pressure. For application of MS pipes in HVAC systems, details regarding the common practices followed, sizes of steel pipes used and specifications required are as given below –