Idlers are vital to the conveying process. Tata Steel - Tubes SBU offers superior quality Tata Pipes that are widely used as idlers for belt conveyors owing to their robust material properties. Low maintenance bulk material handling systems in places such coal handling plants, iron ore mines and other industries use Tata Pipes idler for belt conveyor extensively.

Over the years, Tata Steel - Tubes SBU has pioneered several improvements in existing production parameters of these pipes used as idler for belt conveyor in various projects all over the country. Tata Pipes Idler tubes are a preferred choice for smooth functioning of idler operation as a result of the wide range of advantages these offer including convenience of customisation, strict adherence to technical and quality standards among several others.

  • BIS Approved

  • Green-Pro Certified

  • Trust of Tata

01.Flexibility of Customisation

Cut to length by cold saw

02.Straightness and Composition

03.Perfect Ovality


Bend Testing machine to check weld quality

05.Quality Assurance

06.Environment Friendly

07.The Trusted Tata Name

08.Fair Price

Available only at authorized retail outlets

Note: Tata Pipes IdIer Tubes in customised size, grade, length, surface finish and end finish may be delivered as per agreed supply conditions.

General Technical Specifications and Tolerances IS: 9295

All our pipes for belt conveyor idlers adhere strictly to the following specifications of IS: 9295.

Section Type Grade Mechanical Properties Dimensional Tolerance
YST UTS % of Elongation Outside Dimension Thickness Ovality Eccentricity Weight
Mpa Mpa Individual Lengths On lot of 10 MT
ERW IS: 9295 210 210 330 20 +/- 0.8% +/- 10% <168.30D-0.5mm

Not more than 5% L
+10%, -8%
+/- 5%
M & H
M & H
+/- 7.5%