Tata Pipes

Dairy Industry

India has been the leading producer and consumer of dairy products worldwide since 1998, with a sustained growth in the availability of milk and milk products. Dairy activities form an essential part of the rural Indian economy, serving as an important source of employment and income. Most of the dairy plants are located around Gujarat, Delhi, Punjab, Mumbai, UP, Bihar and Hyderabad.

In a Dairy plant, the dairy product flows through the various different components of the plant in the pipe system. There are also conduit systems for other media such as water, steam, cleaning solutions, coolant and compressed air along with a waste-water system. All these various components of the manufacturing process that come in contact with the dairy product are made of stainless steel and for all other water and steam applications MS/ GI pipes are used.

Superior quality, ERW GI/ MS Pipes from Tata Pipes are the most preferred choice of the dairy industry. Tata Pipes ensure seamless flow of dairy product during the manufacturing process without any causing contamination due to contact with the pipe body.

GI Pipe - Medium/ Heavy

  • 25mm to 300mm diameter - Water Application
  • Main sizes: 25mm, 50mm & 150mm - Medium Grade

MS Pipe - Heavy

  • 15mm to 300mm diameter - Water & Steam Application
  • Main sizes: 50mm, 100mm - Heavy Grades

Water Supply and
Sanitation (WSS)

Clean water supply and hygienic sanitation facilities are the two basic essential amenities the community needs on a top priority for healthy living. Steady investments in WSS and irrigation segments by both central and state governments to increase penetration of safe drinking water and improve sanitation facilities has been driving demand for large diameter ERW steel pipes.

With the acquisition of Tata Steel BSL, Tata Pipes now offers full range of products for the WSS segment – from ½” up to 24” (600 mm NB) thereby being the preferred brand for large projects.

Fe 330, Fe 410, Fe 450 Pipes conforming to IS: 3589 can be used.

Through Projects like 'Jalanidhi' by Kerala Government, Tata Pipes has been efficiently catering to the water and sanitation needs of rural areas of Kerala by facilitating safe water supply and hygienic sanitation. Tata Pipes takes pride in being a part of this project.