Tata Pipe

Life Flows On

In line with the Tata principles of imbibing inclusive business values, Tata Pipes has been constantly trying to make a difference and reach out to the community through its impactful social media campaigns. ‘Life Flows On’ is one such campaign that has been launched with the idea of making ordinary people feel more valued.

The Facebook campaign focuses on how people from different walks of life have bounced back after their lives were hit unexpectedly by the COVID 19 pandemic. The campaign line "Life flows On" was derived keeping in mind the story of different individuals who created a new path to carry on with their lives in the best possible way during this crisis.

Save Water Campaign

To spread the message of efficient management of the precious natural resource water on a wider scale, particularly in urban landscape, the ‘Save Water’ campaign has been reaching the masses through various platforms including social media. Tata Pipes has been undertaking numerous water conservation initiatives around its areas of operations as a part of this campaign.

#DidYouKnow and #WowWaterFact series

To make the Save Water campaign even more impactful, Tata Pipes has introduced #DidYouKnow and #WowWaterFact series of posts on its Facebook page. The idea is to spread the message of water conservation through Facebook posts that feature interesting facts and trivia on water.

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