Save Water

Use water Wisely - Save Life on earth

Tata Pipes, for the past 50 years, has been working tirelessly to reach clean, potable water to every household and meet the water consumption demands of everyday life through its trusted product offerings. In its business, the Tubes SBU has been steadfast on the Tata principles of sustainability, continuously raising awareness on conservation of the environment and its precious natural resources like water.

One such campaign launched by Tata Pipes is the ‘Save Water’ campaign to emphasize on the importance of water conservation through optimum use of water. As part of the Save Water campaign, Tata Pipes has been undertaking numerous water conservation initiatives around its areas of operations.

At the ground level, volunteers have been sharing various methods of water conservation, rain water harvesting and other best practices on efficient use of water.

To spread the message of efficient management of the precious natural resource water on a wider scale, particularly in urban landscape, the Save Water campaign has been reaching the masses through various platforms.

Save Water Campaign on Social Media

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Awareness Films

Tata Pipes Jeevan with its campaign, 'Boond Boond Pani, Jeevan Ki Kahani’ has been spreading awareness around the importance of water in everyday lives. These videos are a part of this campaign, shedding light on ways in which you can save water, thereby making the world sustainable and livable.